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W is for Whale – Animal Alphabet Free Coloring Page

Behold the whale, the ocean’s big star,
Its massive size is truly bizarre.
But don’t be afraid, it’s really sweet,
Just watch it dance to its own beat.

Did you know?

Did you know that whales are the largest animals on Earth, dwarfing even the biggest dinosaurs that once roamed our planet? These colossal marine mammals dominate the oceans with their enormous size and impressive adaptations. Whales are found in oceans all over the world, from the iconic humpback whales breaching off the coasts of Hawaii to the massive blue whales, which are the largest animals ever known to exist. These gentle giants feed on a diet of tiny krill and small fish, relying on their incredible size and baleen plates to filter their food from the water.

Whale on the free coloring page and poster.

Animal Alphabet Whale poster and poem
Animal Alphabet Whale poster and poem
Animal Alphabet Whale Coloring Page
Animal Alphabet Whale Coloring Page

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Animal Alphabet by Shubol 3D – W is for Whale

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