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Cute Dragon – Water

Each piece from my Dragon Collection brightens your day.
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In the heart of the ancient forest, nestled within a hidden cave behind a curtain of cascading waterfalls, resides the mystical water dragon. Its scales shimmer with the hues of sunlit streams, reflecting the colors of lush ferns and moss-covered stones, and its eyes gleam with the wisdom of both forest and river. With wings that ripple like the surface of a tranquil pond and a tail that sways with the rhythm of the nearby river, the water dragon moves with grace and serenity. It dwells in harmony with the surrounding forest, its presence a blessing to the creatures that call this verdant haven home. The water dragon’s breath mingles with the mist of the waterfall, creating a magical aura of tranquility and renewal. It is a guardian of the forest and the river, a symbol of the interconnectedness of all life. Only those who approach with reverence and respect for nature’s delicate balance may catch a glimpse of this elusive and majestic creature, for it is said to appear to those who honor the sacred union of water and wood.

Dragon - Water
Water dragon
Dragon Water Canvas Mounted Print
Dragon Water Canvas Mounted Print
Dragon Water Art Board Print
Dragon Water Art Board Print

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