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    F is for Fox – Animal Alphabet Free Coloring Page

    In the woods so nice and green,
    A sly little creature can be seen,
    With pointy ears and a bushy tail,
    The fox is clever and never fails!


    Did you know?

    Did you know that foxes are expert night prowlers? These cunning creatures are known for their nocturnal habits, using their keen senses to stealthily hunt for food under the cover of darkness. Whether it’s the red foxes in North America or the arctic foxes in icy landscapes, they adapt to various habitats and survive on a diverse diet that includes small mammals, birds, and fruits.

    Fox on the free coloring page and poster.

    Animal Alphabet - F is for Fox- Poster and Poem
    Animal Alphabet – F is for Fox- Poster and Poem
    Animal Alphabet - F is for Fox - Coloring Page
    Animal Alphabet – F is for Fox – Coloring Page

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    Animal Alphabet by Shubol 3D – F is for Fox

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