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L is for Lion – Animal Alphabet Free Coloring Page

In the jungle, the lion is bold,
With sharp teeth and a heart of gold!
He’s fierce and brave, but also kind,
And a loyal friend you’ll always find.

Did you know?

Did you know that lions are the only cats that live in groups called prides? These majestic predators roam the grasslands and savannas of Africa, working together in social structures to hunt large prey like zebras and buffalo. Lions are known for their distinctive roars that can be heard from miles away, asserting their dominance and communicating with pride members.

Lion on the free coloring page and poster.

Animal alphabet - Lion poster and poem
Animal alphabet – Lion poster and poem
Animal alphabet - Lion coloring page
Animal alphabet – Lion coloring page

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Animal Alphabet by Shubol 3D – L is for Lion

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